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Here's a shop just for Valentines Day! Take a look around and see if there's anything your sweetheart might like! Don't forget, we do CUSTOM ORDERS!! So if you need something like what you see or have any questions, just EMAIL us!

Heart Shaped BEads
Chocolate Lampwork Beads
Valentines Bead Sets
Heart Shaped Beads!
CANDIES and other Sweet Treats for your sweetheart!
Bead Sets!
Valentines Critters Lampwork Beads
Valentines Critters!


Maxine's Lampwork Beads are made in Colorado from high quality glass. All her beads are properly annealed and cleaned as part of the production process.

These are not mass-produced items. If a design is reproduced, there will be individual variations.

Updated 3-29-2011

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