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Hopeful Henrietta

Hopeful Henrietta
Henrietta is a space bug (this meaning of course, she's got a space to be in). Henrietta loves to hope! She hopes for all kinds of things. She hopes you'll have a good day at work. She hopes you won't run into any trouble. She's ALWAYS hoping and likes to be around people who might be worried about something. Even where there isn't anything to worry about she hopes for you anyways!


+ shipping & handling for each 6 or fewer beads
$2 USPS First Class Mail $4.50 USPS Priority Mail
Continental US Only
Maxine's Lampwork Beads are made in Colorado from high quality glass. All her beads are properly annealed and cleaned as part of the production process.

These are not mass-produced items. If a design is reproduced, there will be individual variations.

Updated 3-29-2011

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